May 10, 2007

Off to Watkins Glen

Stee and I are off to the Glen to do the GVC-BMW CCA Instructor Training School...god help us!

badbadM will also be there but instructing, he went through the instructor school bootcamp a few weeks back with the NJBMWCCA.

I'm looking forward to the ITS and dreading it at the same time, badbadM is convinced my latin temperament will make it difficult for me to keep cool for 3 days in a row, patience is NOT my virtue...we'll see.


  1. Latin? Are you kidding? Don't blame the Latinos for your temperament!!!

  2. Hey, Latinos are CG and Rad.... I'm an ill tempered Italian...the original Latins! :O)

  3. Hmm, I never knew "Italian temper" needed to be qualified as "Latin temper" but ok, ok.


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