May 22, 2007

Ever wonder how your tire feels?

I was curious so when we were at the last Pocono East track day with PDA, I attached a camera to the bottom of the MCoupe. The camera is pretty cheap but you do get an idea of what your tire goes through on a typical day out.

In this case you can see my Kumho V710's contact patch change as the tire loads and unloads. When it's unloaded only a quarter or less of the tire touches the ground. At the end of the straights you can see the tire compress and flatten under braking.

If you ever wonder why the outside shoulders get worn out so quickly, just have a look at what the tire is put through in the tight right hand hairpin... Consider that my car has negative 3.8 degrees of camber, imagine a car with stock alignment.
Now you know why it's a good idea to put extra air in a street tire on a stock car!

Sound is not so good, you might want to turn the speakers down.


I used this elCheapo $40 security camera

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant work!!

    I know I saw grass under that tire at 1:12, and clear air under it at 2:40. Looks like fun! I will soon make a film of the underwerkings of Labomba.


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