April 24, 2007

Axis likes Tiff...

Ferrari or Porsche, Nikon or Canon, Milan or Inter, Mets or Yankees.... you know the drill.
I'm sorry Jeremy, we love your humor but we choose Tiff. Why? Aside from the fact that he is not trying to stuff his size 47 belly in size 31 pants, well you see, there is this little detail: he can really drive and I mean REALLY drive.
As much as we adore TopGear, we always have the feeling that Clarkson's driving is a bit...edited and the really money shots always seem to be cars with tinted windows. Besides, is there really any point in going up against a man with a name like Tiff Needell?

So Tiff...you are THE MAN!

Thanks to Ray for digging up this compilation clip!

See Jeremy Clarckson's Obituary in the Axis Forums

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