March 2, 2007

Super toy

I'm not a fan of the Pagani Zonda, a fugly car with an interior only out-uglied by Spykers and TVR's. And while I do admire a car that springs from the mind of a single individual with no compromise and appreciate that Gordon Murray likes Horatio Pagani's creation, I still find the car soulless. Now, as befits a carmaker without racing heritage they have created a 1.2 million euro track toy that will not be legal in any race series, the Zonda R. Ferrari did the FXX but at least you get to run at Fiorano for your million.

However the specs are incredible and from above it does make a pretty picture


  1. It has no soul because it has a Mercedes-Benz engine.

  2. Actually. I was going to comment on that because I noticed on the specs that AMG gave the engine a mechanical throttle linkage. I found that surprising in this day and age, especially since they had a brief that the engine must run at "race" pace for 5000 km between overhauls.... anyway, the mechanical linkage is unexpected bonus points, especially from AMG.

  3. You just don't like it b/c its not a Ferrari, and it is as good or even better in some areas, plus it was desgined/built almost single-handed in Italy by an Argentinean!! Sacrilege in the land of Tiffosi!!

    I love the car, as it does everything else the others do with the reliability of a Porsche and less weight than any of the competitors (other than the barn-built Nobles, etc..)

  4. Don't be silly, Argentineans are just displaced Italians and the car is built, where else in Modena where the best machinists and artisans are.

    Like I said, the specs are great, but the design I find even more ludicrous than the Enzo, 100 times more for that silly interior. I can't wait to see who would win the DE Formula$ championship though, the Zonda R or the FXX?


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