March 9, 2007

BMW should go totally insane more often...

I've had this video for a couple of years but it was in a silly RealVideo format I had not idea what to do with it so I'm really happy now that it turned up on YouTube.

The X5 Le Mans was probably one of the world's dumbest cars but the sheer madness of it together with the fact that is actually handled better than many "sports cars" makes it incredibly cool. And that can you resist?

BadBadM will correct me, but I believe it was a 12 cylinder engine good for some 700hp and almost 200mph. This 4400lbs lardass defied the laws of physics by lapping the Nürburgring in 7'49''!!


  1. Herr Stuck is the greatest!!
    Yes, it was the McLaren F1's V12 in "delimited" form, making around 700bhp. I believe the engine was sourced from the stock of engines built for the V12 LMR racer, which ran air restrictors and about 500bhp. This vehicle used the standard E53 X5 unibody, in order to demonstrate the inherent capability of said unibody, and to show that when BMW builds an SUV-type vehicle, they are justified in calling it an "SAV."

  2. "X5: Trucks built by people who do not want to for people who don't need them"

    that was a great quote. And yes BMW sets out to prove pigs can fly...or would that be more a like a Porsche Cayenne TurboS?

    Now would that be like Volvo trying to prove it's trucks are race cars?


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