March 26, 2007

11/10ths all the time.

is what I would do, what we all would do, if we had access to a track like Paul Ricard. Taking the theory of paved runoffs to the logical extreme, it's not wonder that Bernie Ecclestone's circuit in southern France is a favourite of car companies that have to hand over their supercars to ham fisted journalists.

Explore the map below to see how it it would be essentially impossible to do any damage to anything even remotely street legal on such a track.
Of course one might argue that the vast expanse of asphalt makes the track devoid of any character and charm. True, but I would trade that for a chance at experience impunity!

Below is a video courtesy of "Dr.Stringfella" from in Italy. He is driving his Flying Carrot Westfield Xtr2 which he used to own. I'm not 100% sure what he's driving now, maybe he'll drop by and set the record straight.
Notice the quirky track day mix: an F3000 and Alfa TZ and a bunch of spec Caterhams all on the track at the same time!


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