February 23, 2007

Please, say what you mean!

I wonder why any US based producer of automotive shows still hasn't figured out why thousands of people will wait religiously every sunday for a download link to the latest episode of TopGear to appear on various enthusiast sites yet ignore any domestically produced program.

I'm not going to post TopGear but this segment from Autocar magazine will provide a clue. Contrary to just about every US based car review show I have ever seen, UK shows will say what they actually think of the cars. While in the US things may be hinted at and pussyfooted around, in the UK when they mean to say a "car has been hit with an ugly stick" they come right out and say it, "Subaru Impreza: Styled by Ray Charles".

Yes, it's about personal biased opinion and we love it, even if we might disagree.

Is that so hard to do? That and there's humor and they seem to really drive the crap out of the cars and not afraid the manufacturer will see and get mad.

Anyway....US based producers please take note: every car enthusiast thinks this way, please cater to us!

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