February 19, 2007

Even MORE Rally Madness!

OK, so perhaps this "awesome rally vidclip" thing has started something. Today's clip was sent in by a good friend of the Axis, we'll call him "Steve The Hurricane" (not related to The Stee). This Steve, like our own Adil, is a trained expert in the art of rally driving, having attended rally school in Ireland, among other venues. Ride with him in an autocross and you'll be impressed, but turn him loose (pun intended) on snow or dirt and he'll simply amaze you. Rumor has it that Steve is close to inking a deal for an xDrive sponsorship.

So let's get to the clip. Steve enjoyed our banter about Redefining Early Turn-in last week, so here is his contribution, but you must watch to the end to see the earliest of turn-ins. The clip is originally from www.gigigalli.com. So enjoy. And, if the embedded teaser clip isn't enough, you can get a whole 2:40min "best of" clip of Gigi's work here.

1 comment:

  1. This is one of my all-time favorite videos, ever. Even drift champions couldn't do this!
    If you want more strange rally happenings, you should drop by my blog at http://amberie.wordpress.com. It's a barrel of rally-loving monkeys.


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