February 15, 2007

Big news from our friends at Traqmate

Track Systems has made two major announcements in the recent days: their new video integration product in collaboration with ChaseCam promises to make what is now the somewhat cumbersome process of joining data and video, seamless. This is a very exciting development.

Traqmate has also been chosen by SCCA Pro Racing to be a performance auditing system in the SPEED World Challenge series.

Here are the official press releases:

Announcing TraqCam Video Integration

Track Systems is very pleased to announce a new way to "Replay Your Day", the TraqCam system.

Traqmate has teamed up with ChaseCam, the leading manufacturer of digital video recorders for motorsports. The TraqCam system consists of a Traqmate GPS Data Acquisition System, ChaseCam Digital Video Recorder, and the TrackVision Video Integration software.

Traqmate designs all products to be easy to use and this one is no exception. The Traqmate will turn on the video recording automatically so the data and video will be synchronized. TrackVision will allow you to combine the data and video into a DVD-quality video with simulated gauges over the video. Of course you will be able to analyze the Traqmate data as always and use the raw video for other purposes.

We will offer free software upgrades to existing Traqmate and ChaseCam owners and the TraqCam components will be available separately. Expected to debut in March, the TraqCam system will only be sold through the Track Systems Store at www.traqmate.com.

SCCA Pro Racing Chooses Traqmate

We are pleased to announce that SCCA Pro Racing has chosen Traqmate for use as a performance auditing system in the SPEED World Challenge GT and Touring Car series.

World Challenge LogoSPEED World Challenge is one of the most competitive and exciting road racing series in the world and Track Systems is looking forward to supporting SCCA Pro Racing and the teams.

The portable nature of Traqmate and the fact that it can gather highly accurate information without in-car sensors made it an ideal choice for performance auditing.

Traqmate in Stasis Audi

Teams will be randomly assigned Traqmate units during testing or a race and the data will be reviewed by SCCA Pro Racing to ensure the cars are all fairly matched. This will keep the racing as tight and exciting as fans have come to expect.

SPEED GT Cadillac

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