October 30, 2006

Speaking of losing your left rear...."Ich bin abgeflogen!"

In the previous "spin @ the ring" video we theorized the car MAY have had a left rear puncture.
In the video below I can tell you for sure the guy lost his rear left. In fact, if you look at the poster frame for the video, you can actually see the tire rolling free across the track....as they guy is flying at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Yikes.

The violence of the impact makes me cringe every time, but damn that's a strong car though...wow. That's some skilled cage builder. Someone please translate what he said after the crash...all I got is "Oh fuckhead"

(edit) Thank you Anonymous- MIchael for the translation of the radio transmission!, you can find it in the comments section below (edit)

Click on picture above or
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  1. Hi

    my German isn´t all that great these days, but here´s what I think is being said:

    -- Transcript:
    Alles klar
    Also, ich bin abgeflogen
    Reifenschaden hinten links
    Ich glaube mir gehts gut
    (auw, fuck hé)
    -- Wie füllst du dich? (radio)
    ...(door opening noise)...
    Hohe Acht
    Ausgang Hohe Acht
    - Du haßt das rad verloren! (rescuer? spectator?)
    Ich hab´s rad verloren, sagt mal einder von ausen
    Ich steige nur aus, ja?
    - Komme raus, Mark (rescuer? spectator?)
    Also, rad abgelösen...
    Über das rad afgestiegen
    Über die leidplancke d´rüber
    Ich steige jetz aus, huh?
    -- Ist alles ok? (radio)
    - Ja (rescuer? spectator?)
    -- Ok Mark, wir kommen hilfen zu dir (radio)

    -- Translation:
    All right
    Well, I flew off
    Tire damage, left rear
    I think I´m allright
    (ouch, fuck it, something like that :-)
    -- How do you feel (radio)
    ...(door opening noise)...
    Hohe Acht (Nürburgring corner name)
    Exit [of] Hohe Acht
    - You´ve lost the wheel! (rescuer? spectator?)
    I´ve lost [a | the] wheel according to someone outside
    I´m getting out now, allright?
    - Please get out, Mark (rescuer? spectator?)
    So, lost the wheel...
    Flipped up over the wheel
    Over the barrier
    I´m getting out now, ok?
    -- Everything ok? (radio)
    - Yes (rescuer? spectator?)
    -- Ok Mark, we´re coming to you for help (radio)

    Apparently, the driver is called Mark?

    HTH, gr. Michel


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