September 5, 2006

Live Blogging from Lime Rock...

CG and I are at Lime Rock today and ...mega cool, they have free WiFi in the paddock. So, we are waiting to go out for our first session, can't promise we'll upload video but we'll try for data from out Traqmate units (thanks Stee!)


Session one went fine, weather held out but the track was extremely slippery for some reason. Best time 1:03.000 for me 1:03.600 for CG in the Elise.
However, I'm an idiot, I mounted the Traqmate sensor unit backwards so all my data is upside down.... my bad! :)

more later....


OK, blogging from a race track might seem like a good idea in a geeky way but in reality, it's retarded. At least without planning. There is just too much to do and things to check. That and the batteries for one thing or another are always dying at the wrong time. Bah

I think for me today was more about consistency than speed. In session 2 we did 19 laps (plus one warm up and one cool down) Of those I did 12@, 4 @ and 3 @ 1:05 presumably finding some traffic. Best that session was 1:03.100, my best for the day was 1:03.000 in session 1.

Session 3 and 4 were wet. CG and I skipped 3 but I went out for 4. It was quite slipery for the first few laps and I had to let a bunch of cars by but the tires finally came up to "some" temperature and i picked up speed. In the end I managed a 1:03.450 on the damp track.... I proud of that one. Pirellis make for a good intermediate tire.

Video and graphs tomorrow...


  1. Cool. It doesn't really matter how you mount the Tracmate because everyone thinks you're driving a shoe anyway.

    Nevertheless, LRP has been very slippery this summer. All the club racers complained about it when I raced with NASA last month.

    Good luck!

  2. wow....why is everyone suddenly giving me crap about my car?


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