September 1, 2006

Kumho v710, Tire of the Undead!

Seriously, you can't kill the damn things. I think of Adil's set of Hoosier ARS05 that corded in 16 runs.... this set of v710 lasted me all of last (2005)season, many times with two drivers.
They must have 150 runs minimum so when I decided to get my lazy ass out of bed on a Saturday to go to an autocross near my house, I never imagined they would have anything more than the traction equivalent of a shopping cart wheel.
But no, the Tire of the Undead just won't die, it worked in the wet and it worked in the dry... I'm sure they were much faster in the first 30 runs but there is still plenty of rubber on them. I guess I will try and kill them at a track event later this year.
Kumho, the choice of the fast and the cheap!

Here is a run in the wet, plenty of oversteer and arm waiving.

Click to download

and here is a run in the dry and fast time of day, as neat as I could make it with the MCoupe.

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  1. Hmmmmm... glad I saved my V710s when I took them off to go on Hoosiers this year. Maybe I can put them back on when the Hoo-hoos croak.

  2. yes, you will....unless they get shot with a silver bullet that is.


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