August 27, 2006

What's coming up...

Well, this week end CG was a Watkins Glen and Stee and BadbadM were at Summit point. Stee was doing his best to earn an assie (he failed, someone his a gopher instead) and BadbadM was doing a NASA club race. Reports are that BadbadM still has both of his mirrors attached much to CG's disappointment. CG himself was so hot to turn some hot laps at the Glen but so lazy....ahem I mean devoted to a purists ethos that he drove 250 miles each way on shaved Toyo Ra1 rather than use a roof rack.....naturally it rained most of the week end. However in the rare dry sessions he was able to turn a couple of 2.15 laps. We look forward to analyzing the data from his Traqmate GPS data recorder he just acquired. I found out that Kumho V710 are the undead of race tires and just cannot be killed. Adil in the meantime was figuring out that ABS on an EVO in the rain sucks balls and needs to be eliminated by judicious fuse pulling.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Ha... that last line is interesting because I also decided to install a big 'ole kill switch on my ABS after experimenting this weekend at Summit Point. Film to follow...


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