August 17, 2006

Off to the track again this Saturday.

The Axis will be running with PDA/Nasa at Pocono Raceway on Saturday. Bonus points for it being the "double Infield" course. This would be the North course infield up to the "bridge" turn and the back straight of the superspeedway to then cut in to the "south course and back along the front straight. Should be quite cool. If you are going, make sure you stop by and say hello, be in one of our track videos!

To get ready for this and for Watkins Glen next month I decided to see what I could do to optimize my existing brake system on the MCoupe. I had been thinking of getting a super bling Big Brake Kit from Brembo or StopTech, but in the end I was scared away as much by the initial investment (anywhere from $3000 to $5000) as much as the running costs. Stee just informed me that a set of Performance Friction 01 pads for his Brembo kit cost him about $700 a pop!!! Ouch!

So I went the optimization route. I installed all new rotors, pads, brake lines and fluid. For rotors I chose the Performance Friction Direct replacement 2 piece floating units. These are true two piece assemblies and allow the ring to expand in two directions vs the one direction of the BMW "Euro" floating rotors. They also have twice the number of ventilation vanes (thinner vanes=more pressure=more cooling?). I installed StopTech teflon coated stainless steel brake lines, the extra layer of teflon being the key choice after Stee's recent near death experience. In the rear I installed OEM rotors (Zinnerman).
Pads are a brand new set of PF01 front and rear (Try OffCamber Motorsports for all your pad needs). Having new pads and rotors at the same time will provide optimum level of friction.
finally with Stee's help I drained all the Ate Super Blue from the system and replaced it with Motul 600.

Now really the system should really "be all that it can be" to paraphrase the old ad. In fact the brakes always held up pretty well and if I can gain 10% more reliability and durability I will be fine without the need for a BBK.

See you at the track!


  1. Sorry I cannot join you this weekend at Pocono, but I am being forced to appear as The Stig at the Performance Center to beat up some new M cars.

  2. We will feel your pain!....If you don't bring back some video and a write up I'll get Boo to do a number on your car.


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