May 23, 2006

Schumi likes footy!

Tonight I went over to the Monaco stadium to see the charity football match Michael Schumacher likes to organize. MS has often said that had he not been a racing driver he would have gone into professional football. He is definitively good at it, as is Fisichella for that matter who scored two goals.

The game was between an F1 team and a celebrity team, so on one side you had Michael, Massa, Liuzzi, Fisichella, Pantano, Bruni, mixed in in with some real ex players like Dechampes. The other had Serghey Bubka, Patrese, Fredricks, Ghedina, Max Biaggi...etc.
It was for a good cause, a children's charity. Fun was had by all...especially watching the young princes of Monaco trying to keep up!


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