May 22, 2006

Monaco Historics 2006

The Axis is busy this month, a veritable motoring smorgesbord of motoring nirvana. This past week end I was in Montecarlo to see the bi-yearly Historic GP. Mad dogs and Englishmen make their way down to the Monte to flog their often priceless motors within an inch of their life and often beyond. One has definite mixed feelings when you see a classic race car crumpled on the ARMCO. Yes, it's heartbraking to see but then again these guys are not afraid of running the cars the way they were intended to be driven. Still, a couple of them were quite lucky to come away from big shunts unharmed. These are not after all safety cell carbon cars but tube chassis with fuel tanks around your legs!

One is struck watching these cars that they are mercifully slow enough so that you can actually see the driving and the dynamics of the car with the naked eye. Even with the late 70's cars you can see them move around and slide (actually that was the only way to drive those cars that with their tiny front wheels and gigantic rears had to be tossed into a corner and cornered with the throttle). Modern F1 cars drift too but they are just too fast to see it happening.

Anyway, I recommend this event highly, tickets are inexpensive and it's lots of fun.

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