May 10, 2006

Axis Pocono East Attack!

Ok, Ok....this is bit edited for effect and in light of all the recent internet hubub about the giant clusterphuck at the end of the day last saturday, this is a disclaimer:

"We are what you call....experts, so don't try this at home", as they say on Mythbusters.

Essentially, you have to know what you are doing if you are going to put wheels off on purpose. You can put an unloaded wheel off and nothing much will happen but if you put any loaded wheel off,well.... you're screwed.
If you do go off, the right way to go off is shown in best agricultural fashion by CG in the elise towards the end of the video: You go straight off, keep the wheel centered and calmly bring the car under control. The biggest mistake you can make is if you drop a wheel and try to yank the car back in and "save it"...

anyway....enjoy the clip. Tomorrow I will post CG's more technical analysis and a full unedited lap for reference.

Axis Attack!


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