December 7, 2005

A Colombian in an M3!!!

What do you think....Is CG happy? I think soooooo!
Yippie and yahooing his way up the "Esses" and pounding over the curbs of the Bus Stop at Watkins Glen he shows proper form in how to provide an honorable death for a set of Kumho MX tires and some Porterfield brake pads (because yes, he does brake at some point in the lap!).

Driving on street tires at the track can be a lot of fun provided you don't mind a little noise and you are seriously the line, not an institution that is.

Maybe CG will pipe in with some commentary


  1. That is the hardest I've ever seen anybody hit the curbs on the way into the Bus Stop, and NOT break or bend the car!
    ps- I'm still convinced you dubbed those yippee yahoo sounds into the video! If not, perhaps we should begin adminstering brethalizer tests at the track...

  2. I could dub in some Colombian Easy listening if you like, but those screams are for real.

  3. Yes it is real life sound. As you can tell I do have a lot of fun at that track. Nailing the esses flat out is key for a good lap and maintainning momentum through the Bus Stop is an excercise in precision and confidence/brutality.
    I love drifting the car through that section!!!


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