November 29, 2005

The best pass in the history of Formula 1

I can't help it, I live for Formula 1.
OK, fine, I'm NOT normal, but I do think F1 is the best sport in the world. Growing up in Europe I followed it religiously since I could barely walk. One of my first memories was of Lorenzo Bandini's horrible accident in Monaco, it was on my birthday and we were all watching the black and white tv broadcast (yup...Black and white!). But I digress. Anyway I have a decent collection of F1 clips and from time I will put one on the feed.
Here is one of my all time favorites: it's 1986 and we are at the Hungaroring, a track where convetional wisdom says you just cannot pass..... someone forgot to tell Nelson Piquet.
At the time the rivalry between the older Piquet and up and coming Ayrton Senna for best Brazilian driver was at a peak. I think this shows that Ayrton was not the only brazilian with more than just talent.


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  2. could not agree more . . . especially about F1 being the best sport in the world


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