November 22, 2005

The fast proper and the "Fun" slow way

So far in the videos below AC has demonstrated the proper way (proper = fast and clean) to drive an M Coupe around a racetrack: Smooth turn-in, delicate transtion from brakes to throttle and perfect heel and toe gearchanges. Result is a nice wide smooth arc around a corner with all four tires getting the last inch of grip translating it into a nice rotational slight four-wheel-drift. Tons of fun to look at and view for those who know how its done; But what about the casual spectator or eventual viewer of this blog who has never driven at a racetrack?

Well, now Tiff Needell (one of my favorite test drivers) shows us the "Fun" (and ocasionally expen$ive) way to take an M Coupe around the track. The truth is, it is certainly not the fastest way but Boy doesn't it look cool?

see Tiff drive a BMW M Coupe...mostly sideways

Two other things to notice in this clip:
1) Why we hate and don't drive Convertibles (NO! My Elise is a Targa, not a Convertible) and;
2) How crappy and sloppy is the OEM Yacht-type suspension in that car (AC's car doesn't drift anymore like riding on a Camel's back)

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